International Anorexia Nervosa Treatment Study

Welcome to the International Anorexia Nervosa Treatment Study!

The focus of this study is outpatient treatment for adolescent anorexia nervosa (AN). Successful early treatment is likely to reduce the prevalence of chronic AN with its high rates of morbidity and mortality and high health care costs. Family therapy appears to be an effective way of addressing this problem, but it is unclear which type of family therapy is most effective, Hence, this large-scale study compares two types of family therapy: Behavioral Family Therapy (BFT), which focuses on the symptoms of anorexia nervosa; Systems Family Therapy (SFT), which focuses on family functioning. Participant families will be randomly allocated to one of the two family therapies.

We are looking for girls and boys aged 12-18 years who are underweight and appear to be excessively preoccupied with their weight and/or shape. Those who qualify and choose to participate will be randomly allocated to one of two groups: SFT or BFT. Family therapy will consist of 16 one hour sessions over a 9 month period. Participants will also be asked to come back for assessments at the end of family therapy, and again at 6 and 12-months intervals following the end of family treatment.

In a sub-study blood will be drawn from those volunteering for genetic analysis focusing on the subset of non-responders to treatments. This is optional.

If you are interested in finding out more about this study and live in or around the cities listed below, please contact them for more information.

Baltimore, MD:
Center for Eating Disorders
Sheppard Pratt Health System
(410) 427-3851

New York, NY :
Eating Disorders Research Program
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
(914) 997-4395

Palo Alto, CA:
Eating Disorders Clinic
Stanford University School of Medicine
(650) 721-6740

Saint Louis, MO:
Washington University School of Medicine
(314) 286-0076

San Diego, CA:
UCSD, Eating Disorder Treatment and Research Program
(858) 534-8058

Toronto, ON, Canada:
Toronto General Hospital
(416) 340-4800 ext. 3894

Tulsa, OK (no longer recruiting):
Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital
(918) 491-3722

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